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“What should I sell on Amazon?” That’s the $100,000 question

Asteroid Index is powerful software that helps you pick the right idea by evaluating 1000s of data points: sales, BSR, reviews, trends, competitive listings, and beyond.


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Asteroid Index is new technology from an experienced team. Co-founder Pat Lum has been helping Amazon sellers for half a decade, with businesses featured in:


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Smart Second Opinion

Think you’ve got a good idea? 100% sure you’re not missing something? Asteroid Index sees everything: are competitors over-optimized? What’s the BSR:review ratio? Has the product trended down in the past 5 years? If it’s there, we’ll find it. It’s the due-diligence “Master View” that your competition simply doesn’t have.

Fortune 500-Level Power

Fortune 500 companies hire PhDs to research new products. Get the same power with Asteroid Index, crunching numbers in seconds to get a concrete “Yes” or “No” answer. Say goodbye to hours of spreadsheets, graphs, and “chart attacks”. Unlimited searches. Now only $0.70 a day.

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Frequently ask questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What is Asteroid Index?

It’s a software tool that helps Amazon sellers make more money by picking winning products.

How does it work?

Our software examines Amazon niches (e.g. “dog leash”, “graduation gown”) from all angles, generating a definitive “Yes” or “No” answer plus a full, detailed diagnostic report.

Who is this for?

Asteroid Index is for: (1) people who want to sell on Amazon but haven’t found a product yet, or (2) current Amazon FBA sellers expanding their product lines.

What kind of results can I expect?

Full confidence. Get comprehensive information about potential product ideas so that you can choose one, then take next steps.

How much does it cost?

Asteroid Index costs only $9.99 biweekly (that’s just $0.70 a day) for unlimited research. Invest in yourself and in your business.

Any long-term contracts?

No fancy contracts. No setup fee, either. It’s just biweekly. Cancel from your end anytime.